1170 Sheppard Ave West Unit 28 - 31
Downsview, Ont M3K 2A3 Canada
Ph: 416.630.1533
Since 1968


Visual Characteristics
• Nature’s perfect Oak floor. With pure golden-tan heartwood, restricted from any defining character marks, Clear Red Oak has a consistent, uniform appearance with subtle natural color variation, and a classic cathedral grain pattern.

• Renowned for its toughness and durability, Red Oak makes a hard floor, well-suited for high-traffic areas.

• Clear grade is free of knots, holes, stain, shake, rot, checking, mineral streak, and sticker shadow.
Visual Characteristics

• A naturally colorful floor with many sound character marks, Rustic Red Oak combines medium to dark heartwood and bright-white to olive-colored sapwood.

• Rustic grade creates a very durable floor, well-suited for informal natural settings.

• Sound knots with small checks, small holes, stain, and sound defects, if solid and machined smooth, are permitted.

• Rustic grade is free from shake and unsound defects.