1170 Sheppard Ave West Unit 28 - 31
Downsview, Ont M3K 2A3 Canada
Ph: 416.630.1533
Since 1968


Visual Characteristics
• A refined, bright-white floor with subtle grain character. Crisp, clear, consistent color is achieved through a strict selection process dedicated to retaining the purest, white sapwood.
• This naturally white wood complements red and brown woods such as Cherry and Walnut, and makes a very hard floor ideal for high-traffic areas.
• Sound knots limited by size and quantity, character marks, minor mineral streak, and light birdseye are permitted.
• Clear grade is free of shake, rot, stain, and sticker shadow.
Visual Characteristics

• A combination of white sapwood and medium to dark-brown heartwood inspires a country-living feeling while retaining the durability required for high-traffic areas.

• Sound knots, unlimited in amount, with no knot being larger than 2" in diameter, are permitted.

• Classic grade is free of shake.
Visual Characteristics

• With moderate to intense color contrast and an abundance of natural character, this floor brings the spirit of the forest into your home. Contains all color variations of bright-white sapwood and medium to dark heartwood.
• Makes a strong, stable floor suitable for high-traffic areas.
• Sound knots with slight checks are limited by size and quantity. Character marks, surface blemishes, and birdseye are permitted, as well as sound defects if solid and machined smooth.
• Rustic grade is free of shake.